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Download Pokemall and sell your products directly from your smartphone. It is simple and fun to use, and it is all for free!★★★ Get your own free shop today! ★★★
★ Easy to sell - Take a photo of your product, share it to your followers and you are done★ Manage Orders & Payments - All in one chat! Secure and safe!★ Unique shops - Explore thousands of products and create your own feed!★ Simple, fun and free - Selling & Buying on Pokemall is simple and fun, and it is all for free★ Likes, comments, hashtags - Get social with thousands of shops or interact with your customers★ Get more customers - Find new customers and followers on Pokemall every day

We started Pokemall to make it easier for individuals, small businesses and independent brands to start selling online without having to pay large fees, or use old and complicated platforms.
When you start using Pokemall you get an own personal shop where you can sell your products and build your brand. Adding a product is as easy as taking a photo with your smartphone. And when you have posted the product it will instantly appear to all of your followers and loyal customers so that they can buy it from you.
We also made it a lot easier to receive and handle orders and questions from your customers. Today almost any smartphone user is familiar with using the highly popular messaging apps. So we decided to make an eCommerce platform as simple to use as a messaging app. When you receive a question from a follower or customer on Pokemall it will show up as a chat message and you will get a notification on your phone. And when the customer is ready to buy they can do so right from the chat conversation, and you can respond to the order simply by texting them back. It doesn’t get any easier than that.
You can think of Pokemall as a Social network for shopping. When you get started with Pokemall you can instantly begin to collect followers by sharing your Pokemall shop to your friends and on your other social networks. When people start following you they will see your latest products in their Pokemall feed and be able to buy them from you. You can also earn new customers and followers that are already using Pokemall. So stay social by liking and commenting other products and add relevant hashtags to your own products to that more people will find them and your shop.
When it comes to shopping it is important that both the seller and the buyer feel secure and safe in the transaction. And at Pokemall we work hard to prevent dishonest and fraudulent usage. As a part of that every new Pokemall user needs to verify their identity using their phone number to prevent fake accounts and bad users. And you can help to keep Pokemall secure and safe too by reporting any sign of misuse to us, easily done within the app. That way we can all enjoy using the Pokemall app together.